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TIA: Tennessee Inventors Association in Knoxville Tenn and Oak Ridge TN
Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN  

Tennessee Inventors Association (TIA) Meeting Newsletters

The Tennessee Inventors Association sends a monthly newsletter to members and visitors. The newsletters contain notes on the previous meeting and information on other items of interest. Some newsletters include pdf copies of the handouts. To view these handouts, Adobe Acrobat or other pdf file reader/viewer program must me installed on your computer.

2017 Meetings

Month Meeting Description

June 2017 Don Scaggs, President of Inventors Network KY

Don Scaggs, President of Inventors Network KYThe June meeting featured Don Scaggs, an inventor, entrepreneur, speaker, author, consultant, and President of Inventors Network KY, a Lexington, Kentucky, nonprofit that helps inventors and entrepreneurs through education and support services.


April 2017 Eddie Hanebuth of Prototyping Solutions

Eddie Hanebuth of Prototyping SolutionsThe April meeting features Eddie Hanebuth of Prototyping Solutions out of Brimingham, Alabama. Eddie will be bringing samples of 3D printed parts, a scanner, and a vast knowledge of the prototyping field. He has written 17 books. Everyone is welcome to attend.




March 2017 Open Meeting

The March 2017 TIA meeting was an open meeting were members asked questions of the group. The recent IDEACon trip was discussed.

2016 Meetings

Month Meeting Description

December 2016

The TIA December 2016 meeting is a week early to avoid the conflict with Christmas. This will be our annual brunch meeting. The TIA election of new officers and board members is scheduled for this December meeting. Everyone is asked to show up. It would be a shame for someone to be nominated for a position and not be there to accept it.

The ballot for the December 2016 elections is


October 2016 Patent Searching for Inventors

Tom Kulaga, a local patent attorney and former president of the TIA, will present Patent Searching for Inventors. In order to successfully market an invention, an inventor should have a good understanding of the marketplace. This includes knowing what others have done in the past.


September Patents 101

The September 24, 2016, TIA meeting will feature former TIA president and patent attorney Tom Kulaga. Tom will present Patents 101. Tom will discuss the new patent law and what it means for inventors.


August 2016 Carrie Jeske

Carrie JeskeThe August 2016 TIA meeting featured Carrie Jeske, who discussed how, for the past 15 years, she has been helping inventors bring products to market. She has sold her own products on QVC, in retail stores, and through catalogs. Between 2004-2012 she volunteered at a local inventor club where she helped license 7 products for inventors and grow the group from 20 to 80 active monthly attenders. Now, she’s a direct licensee in the As Seen On TV category with Will It Launch? and manages a team of licensing agents through her company Inventive Ideas.


June 2016 Open Meeting

The next TIA meeting is Saturday, June 25, at 10 am at our usual meeting place on the LMU campus in West Knoxville. Unfortunately, our scheduled speaker had an unexpected conflict and had to cancel. The meeting will be an open meeting. Everyone is welcome to discuss their progress in moving their inventions along.


May 2016 TIA Meeting

The June 2016 meeting was an open meeting. Member John Cleaves outlined his strategy for making, improving, and marketing his table top conveyor.


April 2016 Open Meeting

The next TIA meeting is Saturday, April 23, at 10 am at our usual meeting place on the LMU campus in West Knoxville. Our April meeting is an open meeting. We do not have a scheduled speaker. Instead, members and visitors are free to discuss invention topics of interest to them and/or provide updates on their progress.


March 2016 Elizabeth Rowland

The March TIA meeting featured Elizabeth Rowland. She is the Executive Director of TN-China Network (TNCN), a new state-wide non-profit organization based in Knoxville. The TNCN seeks to educate and connect to people in Tennessee that do business with China. The TNCN holds educational and networking events, has a blog and e-newsletter to keep the community updated on TN-China business, and maintains an online resources page that serves as a first-stop source for TN-China-related business and community resources.



February 2016 TIA Open Meeting

The February TIA meeting was an open meeting with presentations from several local inventors.

Bennie Williams discussed his Entry Clean invention. He invented a mechanical door mat.