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TIA: Tennessee Inventors Association in Knoxville Tenn and Oak Ridge TN
Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN  

Tennessee Inventors Association (TIA) News Ticker

2009-11-19 Tennessee Small Business Investment Company Credit Act

11-19-09 SCORE informs us of a new capital funding source sponsored by the State of Tennessee.  The Tennessee Dept. of Economic and Community Development recently announced the launch of TNInvestco.

2009-11-02 Legacy Engine Company receives funding

11-02-09 Knoxville startup Power Source Technologies, Inc., received research funding through the NTRCI for its Legacy engine, as reported by Blount Today.

2009-10-29 The New Rules of Angel Investing

10-29-09 The NY Times has an article on The New Rules of Angel Investing. "Entrepreneurs should be ready to present a full business plan, a 20-minute PowerPoint, an executive summary and a two-minute elevator pitch (which is what gets you in the door in the first place)."

2009-10-20 Lemelson-MIT Program for 2009-2010

10-20-09 The Lemelson-MIT Program for 2009-2010 provided a grant to Oak Ridge High School (Oak Ridge, Tenn.) for a Micro-scale hydroelectric water purifier invention.

2009-10-16 Innovation Valley changing recruitment strategy

10-16-09 Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley changing recruitment strategy plans on focusing on recruiting companies and boosting existing firms in four industries: instrumentation, nuclear energy, bioenergy, and energy-related materials.

2009-10-01 Military Self-Employment Expo in Chattanooga

08-23-09 Military Self-Employment Expo for Veterans at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, 400 River Street, Chattanooga, TN  37405 on Thursday, October 1, 2009, at 12:30 to 4:30pm.  Call David Tiller at 615-736-7176 for info.

2009-08-30 Licensing and Marketing Company: Lambert & Lambert

08-30-09 IP Watchdog blog about Lambert & Lambert, a licensing and marketing company. This is not your typical invention submission company trying to rip off inventors.

2009-08-13 Knoxville inventor Jill Quillen

08-13-09 Knoxville inventor Jill Quillen to appear on Shark Tank for her LipStix Remix invention/business. Read about it in the paper.

2009-08-11 SCORE is holding a So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? workshop

08-11-09 SCORE is holding a So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? workshop on August 22 and September 12 and 26 in Knoxville. Space is limited, so call 865-692-0717 to register.

2009-08-04 Inventors Digest article To Patent or Not to Patent

08-04-09 Inventors Digest published the article To Patent or Not to Patent in the June Issue.

2009-08-04 In honor of National Inventors Month in August

08-04-09 In honor of National Inventors Month in August, Inventors Digest magazine offers the 2059 Essay Contest for middle school and high school students.

2009-06-15 Falling Prey to Invention Submission Scams

06-15-09 Falling Prey to Invention Submission Scams is an interesting blog. It has lots of good advice for inventors.

2008-08-15 Louis Foreman

08-15-08 Louis Foreman, the executive producer of Everyday Edisons, founder of Enventys and Edison Nation, and the author of the new book The Independent Inventors Handbook, provided a very informative talk at the August TIA meeting.

03-19-10 SCORE announces Lunch and Learn Marketing workshop

03-19-10 SCORE announces a Lunch and Learn workshop for Prospering In Tough Economic Times: What Are Your Marketing and Stratetgic Options? on March 23 from noon to 2pm in Roane County. Call 865-376-5572 for info and reservations.