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TIA: Tennessee Inventors Association in Knoxville Tenn and Oak Ridge TN
Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN  

May 2013 Zane Hagy and marketing

Meeting Date: 
May 25, 2013

The agenda for the May meeting included a presentation by Zane Hagy of z11 communications.

I.  TIA member Bob Gants (PhD) told us about the incredible success of the science fair team he has been coaching. He works with a group of Morristown-Hamblen East H. S. students, who have repeatedly placed at or near the top of their category in regional, national, and international science fair competitions. All of this is a remarkable achievement considering they are outcompeting schools with much better finances. Their latest research presentation involved the recycling of byproduct from moonshine production, cleaning it to a point where it could be fed to cat sh in production. Also lowering the volume and cost of wastewater cleanup for the business.

II.  A longtime friend of TIA, Teresa Edwards, newspaper reporter for € the Shopper newspaper who has regularly covered TIA meetings will be moving to take care of a family member in failing health.

III.  Marketing in a Fragmented World by Zane Hagy of Z11 Comm., LLC
A.  Social Media
1.  €  e world isn’t such a small place, so many various sources to be seen and heard.
2.  €  e world has been brought together by technology, but it creates fragmented access to individuals in
3.  You must clearly de ne & know who you are trying to reach.
4.  €  ere are so many technological tools through social media. Do we have to use all of them?
a)  Focus on the right direction, but don’t wear blinders.
b)  Watch your surroundings for places to attack.
B.  Old-School Marketing (PR) Communications
1.  Media Relations - focus on ‘the’ feature of your product.
2.  Niche Publications ( t all of us)
(1)  Media relations
(2)  Local media
3.  Special Events
4.  Sponsorship
5.  Trade Shows
a)  Learning what’s available
b)  Attending trade shows is the best way to learn what is going on in your speci c  eld.
6.  Social Media - knowing how to utilize the media e! ciently.
C.  P. T. Barnum Quotes
1.  “Engage in only one kind of business only.”
2.  “Without promotion, something terrible happens: nothing.”

IV.  June Program “Shark Tank Experiment
A.  Presenters
1.  Al Hill - boat drive system
2.  Terry Brewster
3.  Jason Shadrick - breast pump concept (possible)